How to Play Texas Poker Online to Win

For those who don’t yet understand the steps to play, don’t immediately go to this trick and guide, first understand the steps and steps to play Texas Poker. For those who understand how to play, please read this article. Okay, let’s discuss immediately, here are the tips:

  • Know the steps of the enemy playing at the table

Know in advance the styles of some of the people playing at the table. Don’t sit down at the table immediately. Also watch the enemy what cards they often play and how they move when they face their opponent. Until later someone can guess what card he is carrying, what high card is a random card.

  • Find out which cards are often out

This is very necessary, AA cards may lose to cards 2 and 3, because at that table there are indeed many numbers 2 and 3 that often come out.

  • Don’t get caught up in emotions

This side is necessary because good cards are not sure to win. Control your playing emotions. Play patiently.

  • Get into the game situation

Enjoy this game as if you enter and play against several enemies.

  • Play wait

Wait for your card to get really good, if a good card is in hand immediately ALL IN. Fold if you feel that your cards are terrible.

  • Luck

If your primary card loses, for example your AA loses with a 2 3 card it means your account is in an unlucky condition. So just move the table or change accounts, or you can also go to a room with a smaller chip so that your losses are not too big.

  • You need to pay attention to your starting hand card

The goal is that the cards you hold ensure your victory. Here you will also look for what card opportunities have a big chance of winning. Look at the picture.

That is the narrative of the picture, the top image is for cards that are paired and of a kind (color and have the same shape) while for the image below it is a card not for sort. If the image is not bright, please click on it then save it on your computer. That is the secret to win always:

For cards in red positions, if you get a card in a red spot (for example, AK, AA, AJ curl, etc.), immediately ALL IN, don’t wait to open the first card, the 2nd, especially the 3rd. The point is that cards that are small or feel bad immediately run away or fold. If you open the ALL IN type, please just RAISE. When the first opening card appears on the table, please ALL IN.

For cards that are positioned yellow, if you get a card in a yellow place. This is a semi card because the chances of losing and winning are the same. So this card is not suitable for ALL IN. If the enemy is ALL IN, please FOLD the card. However, if the enemy is RAISE, please just join (CALL) don’t also RAISE. If the first opening of your card comes out but a HIGH card comes out, you have to think some of it first, don’t take a summary of ALL IN or RAISE immediately. Please check or just call. If the enemy is ALL IN, just fold it. If the first opening on your card table has not come out (generally this card will also be stright or flush) please just join (CALL) don’t RAISE. Now in the 2nd opening there is not yet out or there is no stright or flush candidate, please FOLD.

For cards in blue positions, if you get a card in this place, you have little chance of winning. If the enemy is ALL IN or RAISE, please FOLD. But if the enemy is CALL, please participate in CALL, but only look at the first opening. If you don’t come out (there are no stright or flush candidates) please FOLD.

For cards that are green, the chance of winning is slim. If you get a card like this you can just play or fold it. Just FOLD better.

If you have applied the trick above you still lose too, please move the table or move the account, if you can stop playing poker. The next day just keep going one more time. If you insist on playing, no matter how much you carry the chips, you will definitely sell out.