One step closer to getting to know online slot gambling

Playing online slot gambling can be a fun activity compared to other gambling games. Because this gambling is very simple and liked by many people because of the simplicity of the game it offers. For that, let’s see and get to know how the history of the journey and transformation of this slot gambling from time to time and why it has become a global game.

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Starting from a poker machine

The findings or ideas for making slot gambling games do not appear immediately without cause. All that started since 1887 in the city of New York, America. A company called Sittman & Pitt managed to build a poker machine with a 5-drum display which is distributed in various entertainment venues for playing.

Players who win this poker machine gambling game can claim their winnings to local owners to get free cigarettes or drinks from it. However, these poker machines cannot make automatic payments to the players.

This is what triggers a mechanic to make a better gambling machine that can pay automatically. But on his way to making a better machine, Fey discovered a new element of this machine game which required him to simplify the 5 drums display into a 3 scrolling slot view then he added the golden bell symbol into it so that this first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell.

Suddenly this machine received a positive response from the public and since then the slot gambling machine started its history.

Fruit Slot Machines From Herbert Mills

This unpatented fey finding has invited many businessmen to busy establishing factories and slots manufacturing and development companies. This made slots more widely known and continued to have significant growth until finally in 1902 when a law passed at that time prohibited gambling and made slot gambling stagnant for the next several years.

Until finally in 1907 Herbert Mills introduced a new slot game without gambling elements, namely the fruit slot machine with the legendary bar symbol with various fruit symbols such as oranges, apples, strawberries, and others. And the good news is that the ban on gambling in America is pulled back one year after the release of fruit slots and makes slot gambling roll back with a wider perspective and paradigm.

The First Electric Slot Machine From Bally

The transformation of the slot that provided a significant breakthrough occurred in 1967 when Bally introduced the first electronic slot machine called money honey. And this electric slot machine can be said as the second generation slot machine.

Previously all slot machines that worked did not use electricity and used a lever as a trigger for mechanical movement inside the machine so that the symbol could rotate after the pull of the lever triggered some of the machine components in it.

But with electricity, the lever is no longer needed and bally prepares a button in the machine and the button is a spin button that will immediately deliver electromagnetic energy into the machine and make the game run normally.

Since then, all slot machines that have been produced have slowly eliminated the concept of the lever on the side of the machine that no longer functions as a motor but follows the one arm bandit design.

Fortune Coin Video Slots

Slot games got their third transformation back in 1976 after fortune coin released a video slot machine called fortune coin too. This machine uses a 19 inch Sony Trinitron TV as a game display and suddenly makes slot gambling games explode rapidly and makes casinos buy a lot of video slots into their gaming halls.

However, the release of this first video slot is not without problems because many think that room cheating can occur with the video slot concept. However, all of this could be eliminated after the American nevada gambling commission conducted an investigation into the machine and installed an anti-cheat device into it.

Online Slots From Microgaming

In 1994 the success of slot gambling was unstoppable due to the high demand for this game, which made all casinos in the world allocate 70% of their initial for the placement of this slot gambling machine and the slots themselves were estimated to contribute 70% of casino income.

In the same year, slot gambling was successfully released to the online platform by microgaming along with other gambling software such as online casino, bingo, and others. Since then the development has continued until now and made slots can be played even from your smartphone. This continues to grow until every year there is a significant development with the emergence of many online slot agents offering services to play this one gambling game.