Tricks to Play Sicbo Casino Online Part 2

Hi again with the admin who in the previous article discussed the tricks of playing Sicbo casino online part 1. And on this occasion the admin will provide new tricks for playing Sicbo online.

Of course this is what online casino gambling connoisseurs have been waiting for, right? Well, for the sake of reaping the benefits together, the admin is willing to share the tricks that admin is good at in this type of game. Without further ado, let’s look at the tricks from the admin that you have been waiting for.

Tricks to Play Sicbo Casino Online Part 2

  • Pay close attention to the numerical test

The method is very simple, you only need to be an observer at a table where the game history is not too much. You can look at the first few rounds while observing the numbers that often come out. If you feel confident and sufficient, please join the sicbo casino online game immediately.

Not much different from other casino gambling games such as roulette or baccarat which require certain techniques and tricks to win bets. The advantages of playing Sicbo casino online for big / small 1: 1 bet types.

  • Place 2 Bets on the Dice Numbers

As it is well known that dice have 6 side numeric values ​​starting from the value 1 – 6. To get a win with this formula where you are required to put on 2 side values ​​of the dice. Bets on the number of dice there are 6, you are required to choose a maximum of two numbers on the side of the dice, before you install, make sure to check the history of the game that has passed.

For the bet value itself on the dice number bet type, which is 1: 1, it is no different from the big / small bet types. By placing on this type of bet, it is hoped that it can double your winnings, or at least if you lose on a small, big bet type you get a return from this bet type.

  • Multiply Bets

If you get a moment in playing sicbo casino online like winning in a row, don’t be afraid or worried about increasing the value of your bet. You must have realized that luck will not come repeatedly. Then don’t hesitate to get a much bigger profit by multiplying the stake.

That way you will get wins many times over. You can also place bets on all your wins at that time. But of course there must be anticipation too, so that if you lose it is not badly and you only suffer a little loss. How to? With a combination of the available bet types, for example, betting on the big / small type plus the number of dice, plus the macau. Whichever wins, of course you don’t lose too much, if you can, you will get 2-3 times your bet.